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About Our Golds

A smidgen of magic alongside reclaimed and refined fine gold.

The North Way Studio is proud to create every talisman with reclaimed, domestically refined fine gold. This includes 14 karat and 18 karat golds, platinum, or palladium. They are never plated over base metals. White rhodium plating is not used to allow the natural hue of white gold to shine through. 

Reclaimed 14 karat white gold

A mist-laced hue, with the faintest touch of warmth without rhodium plating. Classical and charming, an ideal companion to colored jewels and cooler graded center diamonds. Our alloy does contain nickel, so we recommend platinum or palladium for those with sensitivities.

Reclaimed 14 karat yellow gold

The soft glow of a meadow at dawn - a warmth awakening, but not quite as saturated as its sister at noon, 18 karat yellow gold. Lovely cocooned against any colored jewel, warmer diamonds, or cooler diamonds.

Reclaimed 14 karat rose gold

With a blush of peachiness, rose gold looks splendid against green and teal, as well as warm diamonds or gems. Although seen in antique jewelry, rose gold is viewed as a more modern gold color. Our alloy contains copper, so we do not recommend rose gold for those with sensitivities.

Reclaimed 18 karat white gold

Reminiscent of aged relics, non-plated 18 karat white gold is aglow in its soft warmth. Looks phenomenal with texture such as a bark band or leaves. Elegant and demure woven amongst diamonds and colored jewels.

Reclaimed 18 karat green gold

A wickedness amongst its opulence, 18 karat green gold is incredibly close to 18 karat yellow gold, but with a whisper of something viperous. Weave about any jewel to lace it with shadow and forgotten tales.

Reclaimed 18 karat yellow gold

Our richest hue, decadent in its saturation. A sun at full noon in a time long past. Elemental against colored jewels, and quite regal against colorless gemstones.

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