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Tucson 2019

Posted by Maria Bray on

Tucson 2019
A dragon peruses new nesting material.  
Hi volcano! There was also a big gorge, to which I said, 'Hey, that's a big gorge.'
I now know where the Grand Canyon is. 
Montana sapphires directly from the miners who pulled them from the ground.
It was an utterly magical moment. And yes, they all came home with me--the sapphires, not the miners. 
A blurry image of cacti on the horizon while we were pampered at a spa.
Because girls trips should absolutely include 30k diamonds and massages. 
And now a blurry image of a squealing goldsmith at her first show. 
Luncheon with the phenomenal Top Notch Faceting. 
Cooing over antique diamonds. 
Spicy tofu soup with a plastic spoon after looking at jewels all day--does not get better than this. Look at that photo composition too! Glorious.
Wee little diamonds heading home. 
I would like to bathe in this please. 
And finally our quest is over. Tucson, until next year. 

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