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please allow 7-14 weeks for creation.



Ethical Jewels. 

A smidgen of magic, ethical metals, and jewels sourced with love.
The North Way Studio is proud to create every handmade talisman with domestically refined fine metals, along with natural diamond melee traced back to their mines of origin, each through our casting house which is certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council. Precious and semi-precious gems are meticulously selected for their spark and soul from suppliers that Maria is not only honored to call friends, but who have also worked with The North Way Studio throughout the years to ensure ethical tokens of wanderlust and love.

Ring Sizing. 

All rings come with free re-sizing and spa days if needed for a deep cleaning, stone tightening, or polishing for a big day. Sizing takes around a full work week, sometimes longer if a sizing portion needs to be carved to match textures. 



The North Way Studio ships using USPS for both domestic and international packages. Additional insurance and expedited shipping can be purchased during check-out. Please provide your correct shipping address at check-out, and any business names needed if shipping to a business. Insured packages will have to be signed for. 

All international packages are legally declared at full value of the item, so please note that they will likely have duty or custom fees once delivered in your country. The North Way Studio is not responsible to pay these fees, or responsible for any delays due to customs. 



Are pieces from The North Way Studio solid gold, or plated?

All creations are handcrafted in solid, ethically sourced fine metals, from 14 karat and 18 karat golds, to platinum and palladium. They are never plated over base metals. The North Way Studio only uses black rhodium plating as a patina for highlighting carved textures if the customer wants an aged, antiqued appearance to their piece.


Will you work with jewels I already have?

Beginning October 1st of 2019, I will no longer be working with client's gemstones due to changing insurance policies. However, there will be more gemstone options to choose from on the website in the 'Loose Gemstone' section, along with a more concentrated jewel-selecting concierge service. 


The ring is causing a reaction! Why would that happen?

Gold mixtures can sometimes cause a mild skin reaction depending on allergies, chemicals that have come into contact with the skin or ring, and even salt water. If you notice any reaction at all, please remove your ring and soak it in a warm soapy water, such as dawn dish soap. Scrub it with a toothbrush, and also clean your hands well. Dry both thoroughly. It’s best to keep all strong chemicals, lotions, and even hand sanitizer away from metals for their longevity and your comfort. White gold does contain nickel in its mixture. If you have a known nickel allergy, please message me for other white metal options such as platinum or palladium.


What does my ring ship in? 

Every creation comes wrapped in a small suede box with satin ribbon and gilded wax seal, perfect for proposals and storing your heirloom for years to come! 


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Please visit the 'Payment Plan' page for more information.


Does The North Way Studio ship internationally?

Of course! But please note that any duty or custom fees upon arrival are not covered by The North Way Studio and are the responsibility of the customer. Please look into custom fees before ordering in your country. Legally, all items are declared at full value for shipping and insuring.


Can you recreate a design I saw somewhere else?

In short, no. I will not copy another artist's or company's work due to ethical reasons. It is stealing and wrong. Please do not ask for a price quote on another artist's work.


Do you offer rushes? 

At this time, unfortunately not. To keep everything fair and organized, orders are first come, first serve in my work queue. However, shipping can always be upgraded to overnight for domestic orders, or even a bit quicker for international orders. Please send along a message if you've placed your orders and would like to upgrade to faster shipping. 


Are you teaching any classes?

One day soon I hope! Please subscribe to my newsletter for any information on upcoming classes, sales, or shows! 


Will you take photos on a white background to show more detail? 

Every photograph is taken in natural lighting to show, as close as possible, the true coloring of the stone and metal within their own little stage. I will not post an image if I do not personally feel it does not capture the likeness of the creation, nor does my vampire camera like white backgrounds. If you prefer to see more images, or even a video, please do not hesitate to ask! 


Do you have a showroom I can visit, or are your pieces in any storefronts? 

The North Way Studio is a small private studio still, but will be opening a viewing room for consultations and appointments in 2020! 

As for storefronts, please look for The North Way Studio in Asrai Garden in Chicago, with more boutiques being added very soon!