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Please place all holiday orders by end of october. please allow 7-14 weeks for creation.


Hello there!

During this unprecedented time for all of us, I wanted to outline timelines for orders and shipments--to keep everything as transparent as possible. Washington is under stay-at-home orders until May 4th, with my casting house in Chicago under shelter-in-place orders until May 30th and are very, very minimally staffed at the moment. As a small business of one, I work closely with this casting house for all CADS, wax castings, and settings. Unfortunately with the current pandemic, all orders have been slowed down considerably.

I appreciate all of your patience and understanding during this time and cannot wait to get each and every talisman safely to their new homes as soon as possible! 

UPDATE 6/30/2020:

Things are finally beginning to pick-up in pace with projects! I am trying to get them out the door as quickly as possible! Thank you all for your patience! Yay!


UPDATE 6/14/2020: 

It is my estimate that projects are running about three months behind for some timelines due to everything being closed and slowed down for quite some time because of the pandemic. This is primarily affecting Bespoke custom pieces since they take longer to design in CAD and get perfected before moving onto casting. I appreciate all patience, however I do understand that for some this will not be acceptable. If that is the case, please message for a full refund. I also reserve the right in my policies to refund any clients that become cruel or belligerent. 

UPDATE 6/8/2020:

While things are beginning to get a bit quicker, we are still quite behind on orders. I am still processing orders from January and February. I appreciate all of your incredible patience! Please stay safe and healthy and cozy! 


UPDATE 5/18/2020:

Please allow an additional 5 weeks for delivery of items. Mandates are still in effect until the end of May, although things are reopening slowly. My casting house and I are working tirelessly to get all items en route as quickly as possible! 


 UPDATE 5/4/2020:

The Stay at Home order here in Washington has been extended until May 31st. 


  • All orders placed during January, February, and March are unfortunately stuck in a casting house limbo. Pieces are coming back, but very slowly. Please allow an additional 3+ weeks to these orders on top of the original 7-10 week timeline. Updates on pieces are hard to come by also, so please expect delays in my responses to inquiries unfortunately, as I wait to hear back from my casting house.
  • All orders placed during April and those that will be placed in May: CADS, castings, and pieces are also delayed. Please allow an additional 2+ week period for these items. 
  • Sizings on pre-made/OOAK/ready-to-ship items: Sizings are also delayed. Please expect slower sizing and shipping of items until after May 4th. 
  • Shipping: To keep myself safe and others around me safe, I am only shipping once a week. For international shipments, please expect delays during customs. Unfortunately I cannot control any delay due to customs or international shipping.
  • All other policies are still applicable during this time. Please read all policies before placing an order. 


For all those that have been understanding and patient, I truly appreciate you! I hope you and your loved ones are all staying cozy, healthy, and safe. 




The North Way Studio