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Please allow 16 weeks for creation.


To Care For Your Amulet:
Keep away from all harsh detergents and chemicals, including chlorine in pools, salt water, hair sprays, and hand sanitizers.
To clean jewels and fine metals, simply give a warm bath with dawn dish soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Pat dry fully. Do not use an ultrasonic since these can loosen stones and cause damage on some gemstones. 
If any sensitivities do occur on the skin, please remove and wash with dish soap and allow to fully dry. If sensitivities continue to take place, please send along an email to thenorthwaystudio@gmail.com and do not fret! Every piece is made with reclaimed and recycled fine metals, but irritation can occur even if no allergies are known due to a multitude of things. 
Ring re-sizings are included within The North Way Studio's warranty. 
Remove all talismans before working with your hands or exercising.
And remember, the more love you feel, the brighter the jewels will shine.
The North Way Studio Warranty:
- Ring re-sizing is included for free within our warranty. 
- Metal repairs, such as prong tipping, is included for free. For extensive repairs that are result of an accident, such as a squished ring, please email for pricing.
- Small stone replacement, like diamond accent dewdrops, is included for free. This does not cover center stones or larger accent stones. I highly suggest insuring all pieces. 
- Please note this warranty is void if the ring is taken to another jewelry shop to be worked on.