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please allow 7-14 weeks for creation.


Bespoke. Heirloom. Handmade.



Tucked away in a little house in Washington's countryside, The North Way Studio is a small jewelry workshop with a penchant for the homemade. Established in 2011, the North Way Studio focuses on pieces forged of lush gemstones and ethically-sourced gold.

Every piece is carefully created through both modern and traditional techniques, beginning with day-dreams, sketches, and a hoard of natural gemstones. After being trained as an apprentice under two incredible master goldsmiths in Wisconsin, I enjoy using a wide-variety of skills to forge my pieces. Some creations begin with drawings in my sketchbook and are rendered in CAD with the help of the Casting House back in Chicago.

Others begin as tiny hand-carved leaves or soldered joints. Wax carving is one of my favorite techniques to use in creating heirloom jewels. Whittling away at a big chunk of wax for hours, working with tiny picks and files until a sparrow or twig emerges is just incredible. I like to draw free-hand directly onto the wax, so each piece is organic and unique in its' own sense. These waxes are then cast in precious metals through lost-wax casting, bejeweled in natural stones, engraved, and polished, all with the help of Miss Maple Pecan, Lentil, our not-so little puppy, Chickpea, and our feathered jewel inspectors, Lady Pickle and Empress Eviebean.